Spin Ultimate Academy


SUA Mission and Organizing Principles


Throughout the camp, players will learn about every aspect of Ultimate from top instructors who have honed their skills and teaching techniques through years of playing and coaching all over the country and at every level. Our primary emphasis will be on the following:

  • disc skills
  • one-on-one playing techniques
  • offensive and defensive strategy
  • proper training and nutrition

Players receive top notch, personalized instruction from some of the top Youth coaches in the country. 

Gender Equity:

Spin Ultimate Academy strongly supports the ideal that Ultimate should be be an inclusive and welcoming sport for female athletes of all ages. Spin Ultimate Academy offers an opportunity for girls and boys to learn and play together, and throughout camp, we seek ways to promote the ideals of Gender Equity through conversation, playing and coaching.

Spirit of the Game:

While skills, strategies, and training are all important aspects of Ultimate, we believe that there is more to being a good Ultimate player.  Ultimate has an ability to unite players, teammates, and opponents through competition and a common love of the sport.  SUA campers will learn the importance of Spirit of the Game—how to be a good teammate, how to display respect for one’s opponents, and how to honor the game.

Academy Goals:

Throughout the week, we will emphasize these goals:

  • To provide youth Ultimate players with an immersive experience in which they will develop their individual disc and playing skills, learn Ultimate strategy, and improve their team and leadership abilities
  • To provide players with tools and strategies to take back to their teams after the camp
  • To develop camaraderie across teams/schools through mixed participation in drills and scrimmages
  • To promote the growth of Women's Ultimate at the youth level
  • To reinforce the unique aspect of Spirit of the Game at all levels of play
  • To provide a fun, safe, and educational experience for youth Ultimate players and coaches