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Spin Ultimate Academy Partners and Friends

Spin Ultimate Academy would like to thank these organizations for their support.  We're lucky to have such great friends!

Ultimate Culinary


Andy Grimes has been providing delicious food to hungry Ultimate players for as long as anyone can remember. His faithful steed, The Pickle, is an Atlanta and Ultimate landmark. Any player who has scarfed down a Southwestern Eggroll, Crab Cake, or Quesadilla after an exhausting day of play will tell you Grimes and the Pickle just cannot be beat. Ultimate Culinary is Grimes' catering arm, and has handled huge weddings and corporate events. They will be providing healthy lunches for SUA athletes.

Atlanta Flying Disc Club


The Atlanta Flying Disc Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of Ultimate in Atlanta. The AFDC is a non-profit organization formed in 1978, incorporated in 1988, and currently has over 2500 members. AFDC is completely run by volunteers who give their time and energy to organizing Ultimate leagues, Goaltimate leagues, and tournaments. 

For more information, visit AFDC's website.

For information about AFDC Juniors, visit here.